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Corporate mission
Practice corporate mission, lead professional services, create international quality; cast brand strength, and realize the maximization of the value of customers and employees.
Corporate spirit
People-oriented, talented and virtuous staffs, humanized management, institutional requirements, which allow staffs to work in a good working atmosphere with high efficiency, preciseness and joy.
Employment philosophy
Be honest, practical, and efficient;
Continuous innovation and exploration;
Be loyal to the company, be loyal to the position, and be loyal to oneself.
Brand interpretation
The corporate philosophy is speed, precision, strength, know oneself and know others. The dynamic lines in the design stand for speed, and the round white sculpture stands for precision. The personalized hale design of the English word SAINTOOL on the left and right stands for strength, and the smooth and mellow design in the middle stands for the concept of know oneself and know others. The color is single royal blue, which is a symbol of wisdom and rigorous.