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CNC engraving machine in recent years, industry analysis

In the tide of market economy, the advertising decoration industry is praised as a rising sun on the wave of the industry, has always been in rapid change.

In the tide of market economy, the advertising decoration industry is praised as a rising sun on the wave of the industry, has always been in rapid change. As a modern advertising decoration company, a little careless or did not promptly use high-tech equipment to seize the market originally belongs to yourself at any time may be eliminated in the competition. Social progress, science and technology are developing, requiring operators must have vision, keep up with the pace of technological development, seize the market opportunities, before being invincible. Two years ago, when we traveled from Shanghai to Urumqi and traveled from Guangzhou to Harbin all over the country, spending a lot of manpower and financial resources on market promotion and promotion of engraving machines, many of our friends did not understand this and did not grasp this opportunity as early as possible ; Blink of an eye engraving machine has become one of the pillars of advertising, has become an indispensable production equipment. We can not but regret that the managers are getting more and more aware of the market and their understanding is getting deeper and deeper. As we first introduced to our clients, the first people who made their money by type copying made a fortune. The first batch of inkjet People are also rich; the first batch of engraving machine who really made a fortune; a new product created a number of Aviva, but also indicates a challenge, an opportunity, an industry reshuffle the opportunity, many customers rely on their own Of the prophets consciously seize one after another opportunity to become a big influential local, in the fierce competition in the market more calm, which is closely linked with the enormous social benefits brought by the new equipment! The current engraving industry has Into the maturity, the specific performance of a sharp increase in carving business. Now as long as you have equipment, basic business, the machine does not stop, unlike the previous two years carving business is hard to get; Second, the customer requirements are getting higher and higher. From the number plate, the organic signs to the crystal word, PVC word, has been accepted by the majority of users, the business increase the fierce impulse is that many peers unexpected; the same time, high-end customers in order to showcase their corporate image, unconventional, but also proposed three-dimensional identification signs This requirement should be said that the development of the market needs, is to enter the industry, a new opportunity for latecomers. Third, the market competition is more intense, the profit more reasonable; with the increase of engraving machine capacity, the profit of engraving business from the original tens of times to adjust to the current situation, people really feel the magic of the market; objectively speaking , The current rate of return on investment engraving business is still several times the number of other industries, but put forward higher requirements for equipment, after the engraving machine performance requirements more stable, the actual work faster, higher material utilization, upgradeable More capable, wider scope of application; while the user is concerned, the main choice is a suitable for their own development to meet the needs of the market equipment to meet the needs of market competition, because the competition between the company ultimately has its cutting-edge equipment Competition, technical competition, talent competition. Only by constantly updated equipment, improve technology, personnel training, can always come out on top.

On the "how to choose" engraving machine "two basic theories
After several years of development, engraving machine has become one of the important processing tools in the advertising production industry. At the same time, the domestic engraving machine manufacturers also spring up like springing up. Overwhelming the show, all kinds of agents, all-pervasive salesman, an instant, the entire engraving machine market uproar.
"Do not buy expensive, only buy right." This is a classic truth, the Earth people actually know. So, in the end what kind of engraving machine is "right" it?
"Expensive", to a certain extent, represents the quality and reputation, but if one-sided pursuit of "expensive" is obviously caught in a misunderstanding of investment; "low price" obviously does not necessarily suit itself. Because engraving machine as a production of mechanical equipment, his concept of purchasing options can not be the same as fast moving consumer goods.
First of all, we want to introduce to our friends two concept concepts in investment banking: TCO concept and TBO concept. The so-called TCO concept focuses on how much the investment cost when investing. The TBO concept refers to the long-term comprehensive profitability focused on investing when investing. With the maturity of people's investment philosophy, today's customers are more rational than ever before, TCO investment concept is gradually replaced by TBO investment concept. Especially in the areas where the market economy is more developed, it is more obvious in the areas of Jiangsu and Zhejiang. Where the investment is more focused on the long-term comprehensive profitability after investment, it is more profound for the immediate TCO investment and long-term TBO investment understanding. For productive machinery, the TBO investment concept is more instructive: from a simple price-based cost to a long-term comprehensive profitability, transforming the notion of focusing on investment costs to focusing on overall benefits.
Why do we shift from the TCO concept of the past to the TBO concept of consumption on the choice of engraving machine?
First, the engraving machine as the following lettering machine, inkjet pictorial machine after the third-generation advertising processing equipment, engraving industry belongs to the recent few years has just developed a sunrise industry. In terms of time and space, in the next 3-4 years, it will still belong to one person with strong profitability and profitability of equipment in the world within 4 to 8 years will gradually be a for-profit equipment into advertising production company Necessary instrumental equipment (as the current cutting plotter). Therefore, we can easily judge engraving opportunities like cutting plotters and inkjet photo machines, and there will be no less than 10 years in the market. In this case, when choosing engraving machine, excessive attention to one life will be greatly reduced, the unit cost of use is greatly increased. For example, to buy a 1215 engraving machine, the life of low-end products is about 3 years, the price of about 30,000 yuan.
Second, engraving machine is equipped with a certain amount of scientific and technological equipment, failure is inevitable, the lower the failure rate of engraving machine will be higher. Engraving machine warranty machine failure, customers need to pay a certain amount of lost time costs, customer churn cost; if the warranty period? In addition to customers to pay the cost of lost time, customer churn cost, but also pay more expensive maintenance costs. For example: Zhengzhou voyage Road, a customer, the machine just over the warranty period, the control part of the problem. The machine stopped for half a month did not fix. Because it is the peak season of carving business, can not receive new business does not say, even the cooperation of a number of old customers also "empathy", in addition also paid a fee of 3,000 yuan. A rare opportunity, if careful calculation, lost labor costs, customer churn costs, maintenance costs of these three losses of not less than 10,000 yuan.
Third, if customers buy low-end engraving machine its working efficiency will be lower. Suppose, a customer picks up a large number of engraving business, low-end brand of engraving machine due to low efficiency, if you need 2 months to complete, a good engraving machine can only be completed within a month, a month's time customers Can save a considerable objective operating costs, such as: rent, wages of workers, industrial and commercial taxes, etc .; more importantly, in a month's time customers may get more market opportunities, such as: receive more business, Or hit a larger customer, or to examine the new investment projects and so on. Therefore, we think the slogan of "efficiency is life" is quite rich for productive enterprises.
Fourth: For the carving industry competition, is still at a relatively low price stage of competition. The price competition is a bottom line, reaching a certain bottom line, no one dared to cut prices, as today's inkjet industry. When the price of the whole market tends to be stable, the effect of the product (ie precision) will become an important part of the competition. The quality of the engraving machine with poor quality is often not high. This is very prone to customer loss, scrapped materials, rework and other issues. In 2002, Zheng Cheng Road, Zhengzhou, there are two large-scale customers at the same time each buying an engraving machine, one bought a poor quality engraving machine, one bought a relatively high-end engraving machine. Two years later, one client added two more engraving machines; the other client, or one of those machines, was quite free everyday. Such a big gap "all said he did not do well" is not unrelated.
Fifth, the choice of equipment, not a one-time purchase behavior, but the process of selecting a business partner. For example, in the field of sign making machines in Zhejiang, Bainian logo production company is a large-scale and high-profile enterprise. In fact, there was also a company named XX, which was established four years ago in conjunction with the BBC logo. The two companies are similar in terms of business capability, capital, talent and influence, and they are also involved in the signage industry. In choosing to buy equipment, Bopp the company chose the United States giant tyrants engraving machine agents, as their partner. Just contact the logo production time, the material selection process, technology, methods to expand the high-end signs business do not quite understand, through the guidance of partners soon signage business in full swing; and some at the same time, another company, Choose a low-end brand, the purchase of equipment is only seen as a simple purchase behavior, the machine bought back, both sides of the cooperation in addition to maintaining the machine, nothing else. Results The selection of new materials, processes, processes and many other technical issues have become the bottleneck restricting the development of the enterprise. So far compared with the logo, the size, capital, talent, influence, etc. is a world of difference!
Indeed, high-tech production equipment such as engraving machines are bought back by machines and the purchasing relationship between the two parties ends up. In fact, the cooperation between the two parties really started. For customers, the ability to choose a good partner for their own careers is the top priority in the development of the future.
To sum up the above points, we recognize: in the purchase of engraving machine, it is necessary to see a one-time investment TCO; but also through the engraving machine life, stability, efficiency, accuracy, service and many other aspects of assessment, look at the purchase The comprehensive benefits of the engraving machine TBO, the final choice to your business partner