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How to identify the engraving machine configuration spindle contains tricky?

Some engraving machine manufacturers rely on low prices to grab the market and have repeatedly depress configuration

Some engraving machine manufacturers rely on low prices to grab the market and have repeatedly depress configuration, the use of low-end inferior engraving machine spindle is one of the means. Engraving spindle is an important part of engraving machine, spindle quality directly determines the quality of the life and quality of the machine, so in the choice of engraving machine also need to carefully identify which contains the tricky.
1. Engraving machine low price amazing:

"In fact, there are cheaper cheap naturally in the truth," which is considered a lot of people mantra, but often too low price flustered! At present, the price of various raw materials used in electric spindle is rising sharply. In particular, the necessary materials such as copper, steel and enameled wire are gaining very much. Some engraving machine manufacturers equipped with the spindle cheap, and some cheap outrageous, this time need to be carefully considered.
Made more rough:
Common main, all kinds of motor spindle body parts, such as bearing, washer and so on. In accordance with the high requirements, these are actually need to go through rough grinding, grinding, grinding, and then grinding such a process, and the lower the price of the spindle, generally only the first two steps! Some even use the fine car instead of grinding. Therefore, the quality of the spindle, the price gap will have a great difference.
Key points: The spindle in CNC machining, the requirements are very high, accuracy and other indicators do not beat, the quality of the processed products will be affected to varying degrees. This loss caused than the original purchase of the spindle that money is simply not comparable.
3. Select low-level bearings
Now the bearing price is not the same level, the price is also a big gap, all ceramic ball bearing prices can reach thousands, and ordinary high-speed bearings, bearing prices are often very cheap, even a few bucks are in use , One can imagine, low-quality low-cost products, what will be sold 5-6 hundred bearings.